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I’m an entrepreneur, real estate investor, family man and follower of Christ.  Not necessarily in that order.

I didn’t realize it in the early years but now I realize that I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life. I see opportunities that others don’t see. I push through “the dip” when others give up. I find ways to monetize things I enjoy doing. Here is a quick overview of my journey….

I started my first business at 13 when I used my hard-earned savings to purchase two arcade games, Tempest and Space Duel.  I contacted local businesses and negotiated space for the games in return for a share of the revenue. Each week I’d jump on my bike, ride across town to count the quaters and give the business owner their share.  I didn’t realize at the time but this was the beginning of a life-long entrepreneurial journey.

From middle school through college I toyed with various computer ventures and multi-level marketing.  I graduated from Baylor in December of 1994 and started working as a Software Engineer for Sprint in Dallas, TX.

Soon after graduating from Baylor I purchase my first real estate investment, a 4-plex in Waco, TX for $51,000. The 4,400 sq ft building was built in 1929 and had neither central heat nor air.   I spent the weekends fixing up the property then filled it with Baylor graduate students and sold it for a nice profit 4 years later.

In early 1997 I purchased a Pilot 1000, the predecessor to the PalmPilot with the software development kit (SDK) and created a few simple database apps.  I formally launched Mobile Generation Software in September of 1997 to create software for mobile devices.  I grew the business substantially over the next three years then sold it to Handmark in October of 2000. I became their VP of Engineering and lead much of their product development.

In 2002 I purchased an historic commercial building in downtown Grapevine TX.   I fixed it up, rented it to a Christmas store and well as Handmark then sold it in 2005 for a nice profit.  It wasn’t really as easy as it sounds but I’ll leave that for a future blog post.

At Handmark I spearheaded the design and development for many of the early PDA software products including Monopoly, Scrabble and Tetris.  In 2003 I contributed to a small team that designed and developed Pocket Express, the first on-device portal for mobile devices to include news, weather, sports, movie show times, maps and 411.

While at Handmark I started several side-projects including dfwinvestors.net in 2006 and LakeHub in 2008. In 2012, after 15 years in the mobile software industry I decided to move on from Handmark and pursue my own entrepreneurial endeavors full time.

I currently serve on the board of Cross Timbers Church and Compass Wilderness.

I have four kiddos and an amazing wife, Danielle that has been my partner through this awesome journey.



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