$90k Offer on $144k New Keller House

By | 03/02/2008

While driving the streets in my target area I ran across a small home with a Beazer sign. I thought it was odd as the neighborhood has completed for quite some time. I called the number on the sign and left a message.

When I returned to the house I looked it up in MLS – nothing. This is actually a good sign since they clearly aren’t marketing it well. I found it on the Beazer site and sure enough, they’ve already dropped it $20k off the original $144k asking price. Don’t get me wrong, that 144k original price is nuts and doesn’t reflect the current retail value. However, most homebuyers don’t negotiate the price with new home builders so you can assume a good portion of homeowners in this neighborhood purchased around this price originally.

I called the number listed on the site (different than that listed on the sign) and again left a message. I never heard back so I left another message the next day. IMO, the lack of response is a good sign as well. If it’s this difficult to buy a house from these guys then most buyers will just move on.

I called again the third day and finally reached Casey Oniel. He gave me his fax number and email address and said they were definitely interested in selling this property since it was their last house in the area. I wrote up an offer for $90k and faxed it to Casey along with my prequalificiation letter. We’ll see…

Update: I never heard back on this offer. They won’t return my calls so I guess they are not too motivated to move this property.

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