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Purchase Decisions in the Future

In the next few years we’ll see a huge shift in how we buy online.  With the recent social graph API announcement Facebook is now compiling the world’s largest social recommendation engine.  Someday you may only purchase or download goods that your friends have “liked.”

Reach the Top Search Engine Listing in One Year

For those of you with search engine optimization (SEO) experience, move on. This post is dedicated to the “average” site owner with very little exposure to the world of search engine marketing. In the summer of 2008 I decided to create a community site for Cedar Creek Lake with a goal to reach the #1… Read More »

The Decade of the Digital Entrepreneur

If you haven’t noticed, Apple, Google and Amazon creating an environment ripe for the digital entrepreneur.    Below are 8 reasons why 2010-2020 will be the decade of the entrepreneur focused on internet, mobile, software, ebook or music.