The Contrarian Investor and a Weak Economic Recovery

By | 06/23/2014

First off, I’m a Christian.  I believe that the Lord will provide to meet our needs (Philippians 4:19) and we need not worry about food, clothing, shelter, etc.. (Matthew 6:25-34).   That said, I don’t believe this gives us license to poorly manage our finances.

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m a contrarian investor and I avoid investing with the masses.  For those that follow the economy with a critical eye it’s no surprise that our recovery from the “great recession” has been slow and may have stalled despite the unprecedented efforts from the Federal Reserve.

In this video, Chris Martenson, one of the contrarian investors explains in detail why the combination of peak cheap oil, national failure to save, aging population, loose monetary policy and resource depletion will make it challenging to fully recover.  This isn’t politically motivated.  It simply demonstrates why the U.S. cannot continue to grow at the same rate forever.  While many will disregard as “doom and gloom” I utilize the information to adjust my portfolio towards more “future proof” investments.

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