How to Create an Effective Facebook Community

By | 03/25/2012

It seems that most Facebook advertisers treat Facebook the same as any other advertising medium. They create a page for their product or business then run a generic facebook ad hoping users will “like” their page. Sounds easy enough but it doesn’t work.

Facebook users understand that “likes” are immediately visibile to all their friends so they won’t “like” a product that they don’t “love”. They also realize each “like” adds noise to their news feed so they won’t typically “like” products that don’t add value to their feed.

Through my testing, I’ve found it more effective to create a facebook page around a cause or community than a product. I created a facebook page around a subject with a very passionate audience – Texas pride. I added a handful of interesting Texas photos and stories then launched a Facebook ad targeting anyone with a Texas interest. The ad theme was “Proud of Texas? Like us to show your pride.” Within one week I had 2500 fans at a cost of $200 or roughly $.08 per user.

So, were these passionate fans? Some of my posts had over 30% of the users (who saw it) interact with it via a like, share or comment. So, I’d say so.

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