Why We Moved

By | 03/31/2014

After 12 wonderful years in our Southridge Lakes neighborhood home, we moved.  We purchased a slightly smaller, much older, fixer-upper on roughly 2 acres in Southlake.   A good number of people were perplexed by our decision so I thought it’d be good time to explain.

Different Lifestyle – While we loved our suburban life, we recently felt God leading our family to a slightly different lifestyle.  We wanted to be more intentional living for things that are important to us and less for what the world views as important. We are willing to be the odd Southlake family living in a 1979 ranch home with chickens, greenhouses, etc.

Real Food – Thanks to Danielle we’ve been slowly removing packaged and processed foods from our pantry and replacing it with real food – vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, etc.  I’ve been growing some of our own food via aquaponics but really needed a greenhouse to take it to the next level.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to grow enough food to call this a real urban farm.

Self Reliance – When our grandparents moved into their first home they got chickens, planted a garden, built their own fence, fixed their own cars, etc… Our parents may have skipped the chickens but still planted a garden and did their own work around the house. Now we’ve become 100% reliant on our grocery store, fast food, handyman, mechanic, plumber, maid service and lawn man.    Personally, I’m ready to live a little more like our grandparents did.

Lower Overhead – Now that my income is based solely on my own businesses and investments, I’m interested in lowering our overhead to avoid a return to the corporate life.  This requires some real sacrifices, including a smaller home with lower utilities, taxes, mortgage, etc..  Speaking of utilities, we really use electricity in everyday basis and for months we’ve been having horrid electricity bills. We also wanted to take this opportunity to go for an energy efficient approach, so we switched to Champion Energy. We really were shocked of how less we payed for our electric bills. You can check some of the Champion Energy reviews here. Taking on a much smaller mortgage will allow us to reach our goal of being debt free relatively quickly.

Renovation Challenge  – Danielle and I have renovated a few investment properties over the years so we have a bit of experience.  We look forward to the challenge of renovating this house to make it our home.  We will do most of the work ourselves (remember self reliance?) while living in the property with 4 busy kiddos.

If you run into a situation like ours, where you want to move to a new place, maybe another country, you should seriously consider White and Company home movers. Their experience and reliability will make the moving process as effortless as it can be.

Here is Danielle’s perspective on the move.  Also, we invite you to follow us on this journey at our Southlake Family Farm facebook page.


6 thoughts on “Why We Moved

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  2. CarolOliver

    I am so happy for you. My son Mike has moved to a farm outside Seymour Misouri..He retired from being a professor at a college in Eureka Ca.
    They bought an Amish farm. with an Amish House. So it required complete remodeling to make it moe livable for them. Mike did all the work and hey are thrilled with it..So when I saw what you were doing, it really hit home with me.
    Good Luck with it all,Love to you all

    Aunt Carol

    PS. I think Gayle would be proud and understanding of your wishes for change.

  3. Kirk roller

    proud of your family. It is difficult at first but in my personally opinion. My children learned as lot from our intentional down sizing. I would love to see you aqua phonics as I have been looking at doing that on a commercial level

  4. Jon Maroney

    I remember having a conversation with you about something along these lines (small farm idea, not aquaponics but I love it!) over a few beers one night a long time ago. Glad to hear you made it happen! Congrats!

  5. Ryan

    we lived in a 75 sq ft trailer for two years while renovating our “getaway” house. We Made It! Piece of advice; whenever possible, draw up sketches and plans for any and everything. that was the best way to communicate accurately and delegate tasks when help is needed. it also allowed for happenstance to be more appropriately integrated into to the whole production! Let your lights keep on shinin bright!

  6. Jon L. Helzer

    I think your family’s plans are terrific. The greatest result of your lifestyle will be the learning experience of your kids. At school and the media in general push “bigger is better” and commercialism so much, many family values are lost. The children will learn so much remodeling the house, raising animals and vegetables. They’ll certainly develop self sufficiency skills that will benefit them through their lives.


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